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Mathispace is the newest division in the Mathiques family founded in early 2024. However, it is already playing a big part in the company’s future goals and vision.

Mathispace is a rapidly expanding and highly-connected Web3 community. At its heart is our Space Innovator Program. As an Innovator you’ll access the shared experience of other teams and founders on their journeys – unlocking knowledge and networks. Plus incredible opportunities to collaborate and create new IP together. We believe in the future of community-generated content and decentralized control of gaming and entertainment.

The Web3 developer journey was broken. Every step was spread across the disconnected infrastructure with unsustainable tradeoffs. There was no single solution to fully support the developer journey all the way from concept, to testing and ultimately production releases.

At A Glance

Mathispace, much like the expansive concept of the Metaverse, transcends boundaries and is limited only by the scope of our imagination— and when it comes to imagination, the possibilities are boundless. In Mathispace, we envision a dynamic digital realm where creativity knows no bounds, where users can explore, innovate, and connect in ways that defy conventional limitations. From immersive virtual experiences to groundbreaking technological advancements, Mathispace is a platform where the boundaries of imagination are constantly pushed, opening doors to new realms of possibility and endless opportunities for growth and innovation.

Mathispace is not just a platform; it’s a gateway to the Metaverse for all. Through a diverse range of solutions spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, and finance, Mathispace is pioneering the democratization of the Metaverse experience. Whether it’s immersing oneself in captivating virtual worlds through gaming, enjoying immersive entertainment experiences, participating in virtual sports events, or exploring innovative financial solutions, Mathispace is breaking down barriers and making the Metaverse accessible to everyone. By providing a multifaceted approach to Metaverse integration, Mathispace ensures that individuals from all walks of life can partake in the transformative power of this digital frontier, ushering in a new era of connectivity, creativity, and possibility for all.

The Mathispace team brings extensive expertise and global perspectives to the table, driving innovation across various fields. From technology to entertainment and finance, our diverse team is committed to realising the full potential of the Metaverse. With a shared passion for pushing boundaries, we’re dedicated to creating a dynamic platform accessible to all.

At Mathispace, community-driven development is key to our growth. We value collaboration and feedback, ensuring our platform evolves with user needs and aspirations. Together, we create a vibrant and inclusive environment for all.

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