Unveiling Mathiques 2024 Vision Post Merger: CEO Glen Bekker And Team Is Ready For The Metaverse Revolution

May 6, 2024

Luxembourg, May 6, 2024 – Atmos Data and Alpha Futures merged to form the newly established Mathiques Limited, a pioneering entity set to reshape the landscape of data analytics and algorithmic trading in sports gaming and financial markets. This strategic collaboration aims to leverage their combined resources to drive expansion into the metaverse, opening doors to virtual worlds and digital experiences. With a vision to introduce innovative solutions at the intersection of data analytics and algorithmic trading, Mathiques Limited is embarking on a journey to explore the vast opportunities within the metaverse landscape.

In mid-March, Mathiques CEO Mr Glen Bekker was invited to attend a closed-door, high-level fintech industry event. At this event, Mr Bekker was interviewed about the company’s direction and vision for 2024 and beyond by Fintech Veteran Mr Morgan Williams.  

Question: Mr Bekker, could you share Mathiques’s vision for 2024 post-merger and its foray into the metaverse industry?

Answer: Our vision for 2024 is filled with excitement as we embark on this journey post-merger. We are eager to leverage our expertise in fintech, data analytics, and sports arbitrage to drive growth and innovation. Inspired by industry leaders’ customer-centric approaches, we aim to pioneer innovative solutions and elevate user experiences in the metaverse industry, creating a sense of anticipation for what’s to come.

Question: How does Mathiques perceive the industry outlook for the upcoming year, and what strategies will be employed to shape market trends across different sectors?

Answer: As we look ahead to the upcoming year, there is a sense of optimism within Mathiques. We anticipate promising opportunities amidst advancing technologies and evolving market dynamics. Drawing inspiration from successful companies like Google and DraftKings, we plan to drive innovation and influence market trends through cutting-edge technologies and tailored strategies that prioritise user engagement and value creation, instilling a sense of purpose and direction in our strategic approach.

Question: What core strengths and competitive advantages does Mathiques bring to the table, and how do they align with the company’s strategic direction?

Answer: At Mathiques, we take pride in our core strengths and competitive advantages, which form the foundation of our strategic direction. Drawing on the resilience and innovation of industry leaders, we prioritise strategic decision-making, value creation, and pushing boundaries to redefine digital interactions within the metaverse and beyond, instilling a sense of confidence and purpose in our endeavours.

Question: How does Mathiques plan to stay at the forefront of innovation and adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry in the coming years?

Answer: Looking ahead, Mathiques is fueled by a sense of determination and adaptability in our pursuit of innovation. By fostering creativity, learning, and staying responsive to market trends, we aim to lead the way in shaping the future of the industry, driving growth, differentiation, and value for our stakeholders, and instilling a sense of purpose and commitment in our strategic initiatives.

Question: Could you elaborate on the strategic rationale behind Mathiques’ venture into the metaverse industry and its alignment with the company’s growth strategy?

Answer: The decision to venture into the metaverse industry is driven by a sense of curiosity and ambition within Mathiques. Drawing inspiration from successful ventures like Roblox and Meta, known for their immersive experiences and digital integration, we aim to create engaging platforms, drive innovation, and lead the way in shaping the digital landscape for sustained growth, instilling a sense of excitement and opportunity in our strategic direction.

Question: Mr Bekker, as we conclude this insightful discussion, could you share your personal sentiment and vision for Mathiques Limited’s journey in the metaverse industry and beyond?

Answer: It has been a pleasure discussing our vision and strategies for the future. As we venture into the metaverse industry and beyond, my personal sentiment is one of excitement and determination. Our goal is to establish Mathispace as a leading metaverse entertainment platform, fostering a vibrant community and providing users with engaging immersive experiences. With a strong team, a focus on customer-centric solutions, and a commitment to excellence, I am confident that Mathiques will continue to lead the way in the ever-evolving world of fintech, data analytics, sports arbitrage, and the metaverse.


Emerging from the powerhouse merger of Alpha Futures and Atmos Data in late 2023, MATHIQUES is a revolutionary force in financial technology.  MATHIQUES is a leader in research and development (R&D) that leverages its expertise in trading technology, data analytics, and secure data management to create groundbreaking solutions for the financial industry.

MATHIQUES’ mission is to attract forward-thinking investors who share their vision for the future of finance. Through its cutting-edge R&D, MATHIQUES develops innovative solutions that empower financial institutions and traders to make smarter, data-driven decisions, shaping the future of intelligent trading in the financial sector.

Visit https://mathiques.com/ to learn more.